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How To Monitor Events in Your Svelte App

It seems there is a new JavaScript framework launched everyday. And while that is largely true, some standout above the rest. When Svelte first came out, it would have been easy to write it off as “yet another JS framework.” However, Svelte quickly found its community. It has passionate supporters, great contributors, and was recently …Read More

Associate Users With Events To Track Event Impact

If you’ve ever used any error and event monitoring service, there has probably come a point where you are pulling out your hair trying to figure out if an issue is actually a major problem or if it’s impacting just one user. Exceptionless, an open-source event monitoring service, helps with this out of the box …Read More

Announcing The New Exceptionless JavaScript Client

We have had a JavaScript client for several years, but it was quickly becoming out of date. To help address the issues with a fast-moving JavaScript landscape and to extend our JavaScript support, we have recently released a completely rewritten client that supports multiple JavaScript frameworks. If you just want to dive into the documentation, …Read More

How To Use Error Boundaries in React

Backend engineers have all the tools. Nice error handling. Reporting. Metrics. What about us frontend devs? Sure, we can catch errors in our functions, but what about errors in our presentational code? Take React for example. Write some bad code in your function component and the whole app crashes. Fortunately, frontend devs are getting more …Read More

Navigating The Exceptionless World of Go

Go does not have the concept of exceptions. Welp, I guess Exceptionless doesn’t apply. Let’s pack it up and head home, everyone. Kidding, of course. While Go really doesn’t have the concept of exceptions, errors still happen in Go codebases, and those errors need to be handled. Having recently built an Exceptionless client in Go, …Read More

How To Monitor Events in Swift

Swift, best known as the programming language that enables iOS, iPadOS, and macOS developers to build apps, has been growing in popularity over the years. As of February of 2020, it had leaped into the top-10 of most popular programming languages. While Swift can be used for more than just Apple platform products, we’re going …Read More

How to Build a Custom Go Client For a REST API

Exceptionless is powered by a REST API. When you interact with the dashboard UI, when you use the .NET client, and when you use the JavaScript client, you are interacting with the REST API. It is well-documented, and it can be used without any client libraries. This paradigm makes it simple for developers to create …Read More

How to Debug Electron Apps

Electron is a great framework that makes developing cross-platform desktop applications easy. If you’re a JavaScript developer, it is probably the first thing you’ll reach for when you decide to build a desktop application. I know I did. In building my first and second desktop applications, I used Electron. In that process, I learned some …Read More

How to Use React Hooks to Monitor Events in Your App

The introduction of Hooks in React was a game-changer. Developers now had options when it came to creating stateful components. It used to be that if you had a stateful component, you’d have to use a class component, and if you had a presentational component, you could choose between a class or a function component. …Read More