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How-to: Creating your first CodeSmith Generator template

Introduction CodeSmith Generator is a template based code generator for any ASCII language. It uses a syntax very similar to ASP.NET. This tutorial describes the process of building a template to generate SELECT/INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE stored procedures. Getting Started All templates must include a CodeTemplate directive like this one. <%@ CodeTemplate Language="C#" TargetLanguage="T-SQL" Description="Generates SELECT/INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE stored procedures." …Read More

Tips & Tricks: Debugging CodeSmith

For the most up-to-date version of this article please see the following documentation. Overview CodeSmith supports debugging by using the CLR’s Just-in-Time debugger. This article will show some tips and tricks in setting up CodeSmith templates to use the debugger. Allow Debugging in Template The first step to allow debugging a template is to set …Read More