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CodeSmith Generator 6.5.4

New Features Added the ability to escape a single quote in an attribute value using two quotes in a row (E.G., ""). Bug Fixes Fixed a bug where SchemaExplorer objects may not be refreshed properly. Performance Enhancements Fixed a bug where database schema information may be retrieved twice while restoring template properties from a CodeSmith …Read More

CodeSmith Generator 6.5.3

New Features Improved XmlProperty Intellisense. Added the ability for the Server edition to consume the Generator API. Bug Fixes Fixed a bug where a NullReferenceException could be thrown when the XmlProperty Schema attribute value was empty. Download Now

CodeSmith Generator 6.5.2

New Features Added beta support for Visual Studio 2012 themes. Bug Fixes Fixed a bug where the Template Editor font size would be displayed incorrectly inside of Visual Studio 2012. Fixed a bug where the Visual Studio 2012 snippets were not being detected by the Template Editor. Fixed a bug where the Returned ComplileTemplateResult.IsFromCache could …Read More

CodeSmith Generator 6.5.1

New Features Increased support for Visual Studio 2012. Added DB2 zOS Schema Provider (contrib David Logan and Blake Niemyjski). Added the ability to change a templates template code’s background color. Added the ability the ability to disable or enable current line highlighting. Added a new whitespace collapsing rule to collapse the last line terminator node …Read More

CodeSmith Insight 1.5.0

Improvements Updated all client builds. Please update your clients to the latest version. Added support for ReplyTo emails. Added Version custom field type. Added support for searching by major or minor version custom field type values (E.G., version:6.5 or version:6). Added support for CaseDocument to have lists of numeric types. Various improvements for importing cases …Read More

CSLA 4.0

Improvements Added support for Generator 6.5 (The CSLA 4.0 Templates require Generator 6.5). Added support for generating from Stored Procedures and Views. Added support for CSLA 4.3.10. Updated the templates to use the latest version of SchemaHelper (many improvements to association detection, naming conventions and much more). Added various List Business Object enhancements. The generated …Read More

PLINQO for LINQ to SQL 5.1

Improvements Added support for Generator 6.x. Add MemCached Provider to PLINQO. Added IncludeManyToMany option. Updated Entities to support Nullable Composite Key assignment. Updated RuleManager and added Remove method. Added additional ClearCache methods. Updated interfaces for many associations to be IEnumerable instead of IList, this allows for comparability with .NET 3.5 Various Performance Improvements when generating. …Read More