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CodeSmith 4.1 Released

We’re happy to announce that CodeSmith 4.1 is now available! Download or upgrade to CodeSmith 4.1 here: Some of the key updates in this release include: · Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 “Orcas” Support – CodeSmith has been updated to support the latest version of Visual Studio codenamed “Orcas”. · Linq to Sql templates – …Read More

CodeSmith 4.1.1

* Updated LINQ templates to work with Visual Studio 2008 Beta 2. * Added a Close All But This menu to the document tabs and File menu. * Fixed bug in CodeSmith Studio that was assuming that a user wouldn’t rapidly open multiple documents or change documents while compiling. * Fixed crash in AddOutput when …Read More

.netTiers 2.2 Released!

.netTiers 2.2 is a maintenance release with several bug fixes, and enhancements to your CodeSmith Generation options. There are over 150+ bug fixes and improvements from the .netTiers 2.1 release. The 2.2 release was a real community effort as several enhancements and fixes were provided by the members of the .netTiers community. Your contributions, time …Read More

CodeSmith 4.1.0

* Changed CodeSmith to auto refresh property values every time a template is run except inside CodeSmith Studio where there is an option to enable this behaviour. * Added new "Auto refresh properties" option to CodeSmith Studio that will cause properties to refresh their values before every run. * Added new "Refresh Properties" button to …Read More

CodeSmith 4.0.4

* Updated to DockableWindow 2.0.209 to fix a docking window issue under vista aero.* Changed SqlSchemaProvider to properly pull back varchar(max) and other data types in SQL 2005 for command parameter data types.* Fixed a bug in CSMAP’s where they would sometimes not use the correct map settings.* Fixed a licensing bug introduced with 4.0.3. …Read More

CodeSmith 4.0.3

* Added several new map files for various type conversions.* Fixed issue with the Standard trial install acting like the Professional version.* Fixed bug in the SampleCustomProperties sample project causing the property values to not restore. Download Here

CodeSmith 4.0.1

* Fixed some bugs in the API help where member return types and names weren’t being displayed.* Made it so that the sysdiagram tables are ignored in SqlSchemaProvider.* Fixed a bug in XmlProperty when using the RootElement attribute.* Fixed a bug that was causing CodeSmith to not work in configurations where the my documents folder …Read More

CodeSmith 4.0

CodeSmith 4.0 has been released today at the Dev Connections conference in Las Vegas. Here are just a few the new capabilities in CodeSmith 4.0: CodeSmith Projects (.csp) – This feature makes automating your code generation process really easy and consistent whether you are working from inside of Visual Studio 2005, MSBuild, Windows Explorer, a …Read More