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PLINQO 5.0.1

Added IncludeList property to dbml template to support explicit include Fixed keyword escape issues in functions Added Serializable attribute to entities Added QueryNamespace property to queries template so queries can be in a different namespace Make enums use full namespace to prevent naming issues Fixed issue with many to many association error "An item with …Read More


Added Visual Studio 2010 and .NET 4 Support Updated QuickStart with latest Dynamic Data and DataServices Added SQLCacheDependancy Support Added IQueryable Cache Extensions Added Include extension for advanced eager loading Improved AuditLog, now includes updates after SubmitChanges Fixed bug in CacheManager where default profile did not load properly Added override RuleManager.Run override that populates the …Read More

PLINQO 5.0 – An ORM for 2010!

The year is 2010. Visual Studio’s UI is all new. The .NET framework is on version 4.0. …and PLINQO continues to bring you the latest and greatest in LINQ to SQL enhancements! If you haven’t experienced PLINQO yet or would like to learn more, be sure to watch the new PLINQO Overview. Also, we have …Read More

Advanced PLINQO Future Queries, Part 1

The immediate uses of PLINQO Future Queries are readily apparent: Do you have multiple queries that need to be executed back to back? Add future to the back of them and save yourself a few database trips.What might not be quite as easy to spot, are those places where using a more advanced design pattern …Read More

PLINQO Query Extension Updates

The Problem Unfortunately the previous query extensions, while great at querying by a particular value, did not support simple operations such as getting by a nullable value type (where you know it can be null or just a value).Example: If you want to query by a nullable column, you had to use a a lambda …Read More

PLINQO @ North Houston DNUG

The CodeSmith Tools (Shannon and Tom) are taking their PLINQO presentation on the road! First stop: North HoustonIf you or any developers that you know will be in the Houston area on October 15th, you should come see us and learn more about PLINQO, the replace and enhance alternative for LINQ to SQL! North Houston …Read More

Breaking Change in PLINQO 3.2

No, PLINQO 3.2 has not been released yet. However, when it is, there will be a few small but breaking changes introduced with it. As we often recommend that you use PLINQO’s latest nightly builds, we wanted to bring this to your attention ASAP. Breaking Query Extension Changes We have added the UniqueMethodPrefix property to …Read More


added query result caching added a new AlwaysAuditAttribute to make it possible to always audit a property even if it hasn’t changed. added partial change tracking methods for EntityRef associations added support for maintaining user defined associations added partial change tracking methods for EntityRef associations added shared version information for Assemblies added support for AuditPropertyFormat …Read More


Yo dawg! I heard you like cache, so we put a caching mechanism in yo server side cache, so you can cache while you cache! …but seriously, PLINQO now includes a built in caching mechanism! All IQueryable result sets can now be dynamically cached/retrieved right from the query. The cache is accessible via an IQueryable …Read More

Just over a year of PLINQO

About a year and a week ago I started work for CodeSmith Tools. Before I get into this, I’m a Mac person, so I never saw myself ending up in a .Net shop. Before I was getting ready for my interview I hadn’t even looked at the language, only heard about it vaguely. Having only …Read More