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NHibernate CodeSmith Templates 1.1.6

New Feature: Many-To-One association’s cascade attribute can now be controlled with the "cs_cascade" extended property. Bug Fix: Unit Tests now dispose property, thus running unit tests in succession should work again. Bug Fix: Generated Manager and Unit Test files now use fully qualified entity names. Bug Fix: HBM templates have been updated to use safe …Read More

NHibernate CodeSmith Templates 1.1.5

New Feature: Added VersionColumn property to configure VersionRegex. Bug Fix: Added better error message when a subtemplate is called without being configured by the master. Bug Fix: ManyToMany tables no longer require a primary key. Download the templates

NHibernate CodeSmith Templates 1.1.3

New Feature: Added SetFetchMode method to ManagerBase, providing an easy way to eager load entities with the managers.New Feature: Added error checking for Tables without primary keys, now automatically adds them to ExcludeTables list during generation. Download the templates.

NHibernate CodeSmith Templates 1.1

New Features Added support for NHibernate 2.1! Now includes versions.. 2.1.0.GA 2.0.1.GA 1.2.1.GA NHibernateSessions now close ISessions that are not in use. Managers now implement IDisposable. New Manager Members Query UniqueQuery Cirteria Evict Added ExcludedColumn property to templates. Added Row Version support in HBM. Added Nullable Column/Type support. Added Extended Property ("cs_alias") to override table …Read More

CodeSmith Explorer and Using CodeSmith NHibernate Templates Video Tutorials available

Today, we have added two more video tutorials to our library. You can view all of our video tutorials in our CodeSmith Video Tutorials Library. CodeSmith Explorer CodeSmith Explorer provides an easy interface for organizing and executing CodeSmith templates. In this tutorial, we will walk you through CodeSmith Explorer and show the benefits and time-savings …Read More