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Video: Mailboxes in CodeSmith Insight

The primary goal of CodeSmith Insight is to "unite different forms of communication", and email is a crucial medium with which users communicate with us. This is why Insight is capable of both importing and sending email, and this is why Insight includes a complete email client build into it’s web UI. Insight’s email capabilities …Read More

Insight Client & Project Updates

Feedback continues to pour in regarding our new product, CodeSmith Insight, and we are absolutely ecstatic that so many people have taken such an extensive interest in our new service. You are talking and we are listening! People using WinForms, WebForms, and ASP.NET MVC have been very impressed with the Insight client and how incredibly …Read More

Exception Driven Development and CodeSmith Insight

If customer facing issues are your top priority, then you are already adhere to the primary principle of Exception Driven Development. Exception Driven Development It’s a pretty simple concept: Collect application data, especially regarding errors and crashes, and then focus on fixing those problems that your users are actually experiencing. Following good development practices such …Read More