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CodeSmith Generator 6.0 Beta 2 Released

Thank you for all the feedback on CodeSmith Generator 6.0 Beta 1! We have made a bunch of improvements and bug fixes based on your feedback and are happy to release beta 2. Please keep the feedback coming and help us make CodeSmith Generator 6.0 a great release! Download CodeSmith Generator Beta 2 Release Notes

CodeSmith Generator 6.0 Beta 2

Change RenderToFile to not modify a file if the contents would be the same. Helps with exclusive checkouts. Fixed template includes so that all templates should work now. Fixed issue with collapsing code behind items in solution explorer after generating. New property grid editors for common data types. Added a new TemplateContext.Current that allows getting …Read More

CodeSmith Generator 6.0 Beta 1

Brand new template editor integrated right into Visual Studio 2010! Vastly improved IntelliSense with even more improvements to come before the final release. Support for directives, extension methods, lambdas, generics, and more! Brand new parsing engine that should provide much better template errors as well as a great foundation to build on for the future. …Read More