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CodeSmith Generator 6.0

New Features Brand new template editor integrated right into Visual Studio 2010! Vastly improved IntelliSense with even more improvements to come before the final release. Support for directives, extension methods, lambdas, generics, and more! Brand new parsing engine that should provide much better template errors as well as a great foundation to build on for …Read More

CodeSmith Generator 6.0 Release Candidate

New Features Added F12 keyboard shortcut for Go To Definition. Added the ability to access SchemaExplorer from within Visual Studio. Added GetCustomValidationErrors() method to CodeTemplate which allows a developer to add custom Template Validation Rules during the validation process. This change introduced a breaking change to CodeTemplate’s Validate method as it is no longer marked …Read More

CodeSmith Generator 6.0 Beta 3

New Features The Template Editor no longer locks assembly references. Added Go to Definition support (beta). Added Code Navigation support. Added View Source context menu item to view a templates code behind file. Added ExtendedPropertyNames class which gives quick access to all defined ExtendedProperty Names. Added the ability to create new files and folders to …Read More