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Generator 5.3.4 with NHibernate 1.2.1 Released

CodeSmith Generator 5.3.4 Providing your code "faster" is a big part of our moto (one third to be precise). CodeSmith Generator 5.3.4 includes performance fixes that significantly increase performance levels when generating against stored procedures. Fixed a bug in the SQLSchemaProvider which caused a command parameters ExtendedProperty collection to be lazy loaded. This fix will …Read More

CodeSmith Tools has launched a new documentation site for all of our products: New Documentation Spaces CodeSmith Insight – Replaces PLINQO for LINQ to SQL – Replaces CSLA Templates – New! NHibernate Templates – New! Migrations In Progress CodeSmith Generator .netTiers Why migrate documentation? Consolidation – Bringing all of our documentation into …Read More

Import from FogBugz to CodeSmith Insight

Are you interested in using CodeSmith Insight, but are still tied to your old bug tracking software? Well if that legacy system is FogCreek’s FogBugz, then you are in luck! CodeSmith Tools is now offering a free import service for migrating your FogBugz data into CodeSmith Insight.This migration includes users, emails, cases, contacts, tags, even …Read More

Generator 5.3.3 with .netTiers 2.3.1 Released

CodeSmith Generator 5.3.3 Schema providers are a key feature of CodeSmith Generator, and this release fixes several small issues with the PostgreSQLSchemaProvider and SQLiteSchemaProvider. Updated the PostgreSQLSchemaProvider Updated the SQLiteSchemaProvider Fixed a Visual Studio 2005 Integration Bug Fixed an IntelliSense Bug in CodeSmith Generator Studio Download the latest version or view the full change log. …Read More

Ext JS Spotlight: CodeSmith Tools

CodeSmith Insight’s UI is enjoying some time in the limelight: "CodeSmith made Ext JS their JavaScript framework of choice when they built CodeSmith Insight. Read about CodeSmith best practices with Ext JS in a .NET environment." Read the whole article on the Sencha blog.

CodeSmith Tools 2011 Roadmap

First, a brief apology. For the past two years we here at CodeSmith Tools have been working hard, but we made the mistake of doing so behind closed doors. Communication was at the core of this company when we opened our doors back in 2004, and it is something that we wrongly allowed ourselves to …Read More

Generator 5.3.2 with PLINQO 5.0.4 Released

CodeSmith Generator 5.3.2 New Features Added the SQLAnywhereSchemaProvider. Added the ISeriesSchemaProvider. Added GetExtendedProperties and GetCommandResultSchemas to PostgreSQLSchemaProvider. Bug Fixes Fixed a bug where Generate On Build could be set improperly. Fixed several bugs in the PostgreSQLSchemaProvider. Fixed several bugs in the OracleSchemaProvider. Performance Enhancements Improved the PostgreSQLSchemaProvider performance. Improved the OracleSchemaProvider performance. Usability Enhancements Trial …Read More

Insight 5 Minute Demo

They say that "seeing is believing." To help new users explore and better understand what CodeSmith Insight is, as well as what it has to offer, we have created a 5 minute complete demonstration video of getting started with CodeSmith Insight. In just a few short minutes you will: Create an account. See Insight’s Error …Read More

Holiday Sale – 15% Off Generator

It doesn’t matter if you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Chinese New Year, Kwanzaa, Robanukah, or even Festivus (you know, for the rest of us). If you are working hard this week then you are on the CodeSmith Tools “Nice List” Now through Dec 25th get 15% Off CodeSmith Generator with coupon code CSNICE Happy Holidays!The CodeSmith …Read More