Announcing CodeSmith Generator 6.5 Beta

We are excited to announce the CodeSmith Generator 6.5 Beta today. We continue to listen to the feedback from our users and have implemented several of the top requested features in this release. The primary feature for this release is the new standalone template editor. We did a lot of refactoring to make sure that our Visual Studio and our standalone editors provide an identical experience and the end result is that we are sharing over 95% of the code between the two. This means that, going forward, any new features we implement in the editor will be immediately available in both our standalone and integrated editors.

Here is a list of some of the new features in this release:editor-beta

  • Awesome new standalone template editor!
  • LINQ support in the template editor
  • Improved GoTo definition functionality
  • Smart indent when editing code blocks inside of templates
  • Ability to highlight the current line in the editor
  • Theme support with several themes to pick from in the stand alone editor.
  • Ability to print template code.
  • Ability to import your Visual Studio editor color schemes.
  • Fixed compatibility issues with .NET 4.5 beta.

Features implemented in the stand alone editor that need to be implemented in Visual Studio:

  • Different color tabs for generated code with the ability to close all generated code tabs at the same time.
  • Ability to change properties and re-generate code while viewing the previously generated document.

Known issues with this beta:

  • Standalone template editor is not set as the default editor for .cst and .csp files.
  • Standalone template editor is not a single instance app yep.
  • Sometimes the app fails to paint completely on startup. This issue can be resolved by resizing the window. We are looking into this issue and will get it resolved before final release.

We have fit and finish work as well as bug fixing left to do, but we feel like we are at a very usable point and would love to start getting your feedback (especially on the new editor).

Download CodeSmith Generator 6.5 Beta

Thanks and we look forward to your continued feedback!